The Paint Booth Magic: How Significant It Is In The Industry

Painting jobs can be very messy, extremely tough and outright frustrating when done in the wrong environment and using improper tools and gadgets. Achieving a professional-looking and high quality painting job requires top-notch painting materials, time-tested techniques and a contaminant-free environment. An environment which is suitable for painting can be achieved if one has a paint booth or spray booth. This type of large equipment booth is a completely enclosed space that ensures that dust, debris and other forms of unwanted particles that might contribute to a major flaw on the surface of your painting job are kept outside to ensure that they will not be able to contaminate your painting job.

Advantages of such a Booth

Whether you are painting small, medium, or large vehicles or aircraft, furniture, ceramics and other large equipment, a booth for spray painting will be a necessity. It offers a number of advantages when compared to painting in large open spaces. For example, automotive painting requires a process called rapid paint baking to ensure that the paint is cured, thereby making it more durable and resistant to regular wear and tear. There are commercially available booths or spray booths that can actually accomplish this curing and baking process. By making sure that you get a swift painting job that is accomplished in an immaculately clean environment, you will save valuable resources such as time, effort, and money. Most importantly, you can be sure to deliver the best possible quality of painting services to your clients too.

What Does such a booth Look Like?

Regardless of the size, these booths have the same basic design features and they all exist for the same purpose. The first feature is a huge opening that allows equipment and objects to be transported to and from the booth. This opening must be tight-sealed to prevent any exterior contaminants from sneaking in. The booth must be an air-tight space that will not permit the entry of dust and particles. In highly sensitive paint applications such as automotive painting, even the tiniest particle infraction will reveal nasty imperfections that cannot be tolerated. Another feature of the booth is the compressor which is supposed to force air out of the structure, transforming it into some kind of a vacuum which makes painting easier and faster. Some large-scale paint booths feature a ready-to-use compression nozzle for spray painting, while others allow the entry of a separate compressor also for the same purpose.

Safety Precautions and Maintenance

The compressors must be checked regularly to be sure of efficiency. Spray nozzles, hoses, and filters should be inspected at regular intervals and replaced when need arises. The main entry door must always be kept closed and air tight to prevent the introduction of contaminants. The walls and ceiling of the booth must always be inspected for holes or cracks which must be repaired at once. Employees who work as operators should also use the recommended equipment to protect their health while inside the booth. There are prescribed uniforms, face masks, eye protectors, and respirators. Inhalation of spray paint is highly dangerous to your health.

Whether it’s for small-scale industries or huge-scale commercial use, a large equipment booth for painting occupies a vital position in the paint application industry.

Revealed – The 3 Best Spray Painting Techniques You Can Use – Automotive Paint Spray

Once you have decided that you are going to repaint your vehicle then you are going to need to learn the techniques involved in getting a long lasting finish. Of course, the product you are going to need is car spray paint. This comes in a variety of forms, but each one has its own unique way of applying it.

You will find the most common type of car spray paint utilizes compressed gas. Then compressed air is used to provide the ability to spray it. There are also a variety of spray guns on the market specifically designed for this type of painting chores.

If you are doing just touchup or a small job then you should find the regular canned spray paint adequate. These are aerosol cans of car spray paint that are highly pressurized. To apply you keep your arm moving as you quickly apply a light coat of the paint to the desired area. Do not hesitate in moving the can as you will end up with runs.

Then you have to the option of using the large spray guns. In this case, the spray gun will combine the paint with the air to acquire the needed pressure. Again, you will only want to apply a light coat and again keep your arm moving. If you don’t keep an even sweep of the paint, you will end up with an inconsistent finish. There is a lot of over spray with this method as about 1/3 will go to the object while 2/3rds goes into the air.

Another type of technique you can use is with a High Volume Low Pressure sprayer. It is very similar to the conventional spray gun except the gun requires less pressure. In this case, though a higher volume of air is needed. This method if you use it properly will mean reduced over spray so more car spray paint will reach the target area. In this case 2/3 rds of the paint will be utilized with 1/3 going into the air. Opinions differ as to whether one like using the HVLP techniques.

For hard to reach areas you can use the electrostatic spray painting. Once again, this method is more efficient for the amount of car spray paint that hit’s the target area.

There are several other methods that are very similar. In regards to techniques it primarily depends on the type of equipment you are using. Most of the equipment used for car spray paint will come with instructions and suggestions. In almost every case though it will recommend several light coats as opposed to one or two heavy ones. The basic techniques of keeping the paint moving will most likely be instructed.

If possible, you may want to practice a little with whatever equipment you decide on. Better to make your mistakes on another object besides your car. If you don’t you could end up with a lot more work than you bargained for.

The Advantages of Automotive Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film, or PPF (sometimes referred to as Clear Bra), is a thermoplastic urethane film which is most often applied to the forward or leading painted surfaces of a vehicle. Originally, this type of protective film was designed for military use on helicopter rotors to protect them from sand particles, and over the years it has expanded to general aviation, racing, and finally consumer vehicles and even electronic devices such as mobile phones. Paint Protection Film has been in use on privately owned vehicles for several years now, and with good reason.

From a maintenance standpoint, PPF is an excellent investment for any vehicle. The clear coated urethane film helps preserve the paint finish while protecting surfaces vulnerable to stone chips, bug damage, abrasion, and weathering. Not only will your vehicle’s paint be preserved from these types of damages, the film will allow your paint to age naturally, and will not yellow from prolonged sun exposure. Additionally, you can clean and maintain your vehicle the same as before. The nearly invisible film can be washed and waxed just like the rest of the painted surfaces to retain that high gloss shine you expect.

These protective films are typically applied to the impact zones on vehicles parts, or otherwise vulnerable areas such as hoods, fenders, side mirrors, bumpers, grills, rocker panels, headlights covers, floodlights, car door protection, luggage areas, rear bumper decks, roof and A-pillars. Most vendors guarantee their product not to haze, yellow or peel and offer a warranty of anywhere from two to five years when properly installed. The film contains ultra-violet stabilizers to prevent discoloration or degradation of the product itself while still allowing the sun’s rays to pass through to the paint so if you do decide to remove the film your vehicle will not be two-toned, or “sunburned”. Unlike leather car bras or plastic shields, these clear protective films are practically invisible and do not substantially affect the overall appearance of your vehicle.

All things considered, a transparent protective film is a far more appealing solution to many consumers. Leather bras and bug shields do what they’re supposed to, but many who enjoy the appearance of their vehicle find that these protective items are not at all appealing. Since paint protection film is virtually invisible, the look of the vehicle is not altered in any significant way, and it performs just as good, if not better, than the alternative. It’s like a second, tougher skin for your vehicle.

Most paint protection films, once applied, are 100% safe to remove from the vehicle at any time without damage to the paint and finish underneath. It is also worth noting that no debris can get underneath the protective coat, since it adheres directly to the paint. It can be applied to any painted surface on the vehicle, and even some areas without paint, such as headlight and tail light covers. The value of the film is clear, and it’s actually cheaper in many cases to apply a protective film coat than to repaint all or a portion of your vehicle later on once it has been damaged and scratched.

A Wide Variety Of Automotive Paints Keep Your Ride Looking Good

Tell me something? When you were out looking for your first car, what was the one factor that totally dominated your purchase decision? Of course the make of the car did matter. Not to mention price. But it would probably be true if I said that the one decision that gained the maximum importance in swinging your decision was probably the color of the automotive paints the car boasted.

Not many of us realize it, but automotive paints have an undeniable role to play in helping people choose their wheels of choice. How many times have we heard people speak in awe about that red Ferrari or the black Cadillac? A Mercedes Benz is always silver or gold and a number of other automobiles have their own pick of automotive paints. Admittedly, we are all suckers for quality automotive paints. And it is a small wonder that these automotive paints influence the kind of car we buy.

In the days gone by, automotive paints had a very limited scope. Due to the cost of production of automobiles, most models that rolled out of the assembly lines used either black or white automotive paints. But once automobiles had entrenched themselves in the psyche of the modern man, manufacturers began being pestered by users for a wider range of automotive paints. In America, Ford could safely be said to be the first manufacturer who offered a range of automotive paints. Pretty soon, automobiles began rolling out of assembly lines in all sorts of colors. Automotive paints were here to stay.

Today, things have gotten a tad more complicated. Due to the wide variety of automotive paints available in the market, people have begun experimenting with the regular colors of their automobiles. There are a number of two tone automotive paints available in the market and some of the flashier consumers have almost normalized multiple colors. But automotive paints themselves have not remained staid. Today’s automotive paints come in more than just colors. They come with a wide variety of features that earlier generations could only dream of. There are scratch proof automotive paints, rust-free ones and even all weather automotive paints. But one thing is for certain. No matter how high tech these paints get, they still hold a place very close to our hears. And by doing so, they have become the determinants of how and why we loosen our purse strings to buy that blue beemer or green bug!
A Wide Variety Of Automotive Paints Keep Your Ride Looking Good